Getting Personal – Bringing Personalised Marketing to Your Exhibition Space

The power of technology means customers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. This easy access has wrestled control away from marketers and forced them to rethink how they excite and engage with their audience. How do you make yourself heard in the multi-channel arena with so many competing and conflicting messages?

The answer is to align your offer with the needs and passions of the individual you are targeting.  From the design of products to marketing materials, the key word now is personalisation. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must engage on a human level. Customers know what they want and now expect their brands to know too.

The Human Touch

That push to be human-centric is transforming the marketing landscape. How can you tap into a customer’s subconscious and affect the way they feel? It is now a battle of minds as brands try to engage and influence on a deeper level.

That might involve closer analysis of the language you use or even the colour palate of your marketing campaign. Psychologists have found that certain colours, such a yellow, elicit a positive emotional response, whilst darker colours may have negative connotations. Being mindful of how everything you do might impact on that human-centric level will help you communicate with your audience on a more impressionable level.

How Does This Affect Exhibition Space?

Applying this approach to the design and format of your exhibition space will help you engage with visitors in a far more meaningful way. Provide personal and individually-targeted experiences for those who choose to visit your stand and place quality human interaction at the heart of your strategy.

That focus on shaping an exhibition around the desires of the attendees drives some of the UK’s most successful exhibitions. For instance, the annual Insomnia Gaming Festival at the NEC is designed around is attendees’ digital habits.

What began more than 20 years ago as a small-scale get together for gaming enthusiasts has grown exponentially into a global gaming phenomena. The introduction of exhibitors has added a new dimension to the experience.  To engage with gamers, exhibitors have had to focus on adding value to the experience by tuning in to their demands and offering an opportunity to try before they buy.

To effectively influence visitors to your stand, your offer must be experiential and communicate on a very human level. Be it human-centric lighting, interactive displays, carefully choreographed colour palates, or staff trained in offering a personalised service, it is essential your offer resonates with your audience.

Making sure your stand design and build is both personalised and individual may sound like an obvious thing to consider but you would be surprised at just how many companies fail to factor it into their thinking. Does your stand strike a chord with your target audience? Does it reflect your brand identity or does it look generic? What have you done with the lighting, audio and visuals to offer a multi-sensory experience which will really help set you apart from the competition?

Standing out from the crowd with today’s new breed of customers is far more challenging, yet it isn’t impossible. Help is at hand if you turn to an industry-leader like ShowOff Design to design and build an exhibition stand allowing you to truly engage with your audience.

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