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Outsourced Marketing Director, Hands on Consultant, Expert Project Manager

What Lesley Brings

With strong commercial acumen developed through years of helping customers to win business in tough market conditions, Lesley brings enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to any project or business.
Whether you need an interim marketing or commercial director or have a specific project that needs a hands on, accountable project manager, Lesley will deliver. And you get more than just Lesley, she comes with her extensive network of associates and contacts across all marketing and business development channels.

Commercial Acumen - Understanding both the market and customer's needs with a 'winning customers - winning business' philosophy.

Results-driven - Motivated to achieve success using plans, goals and objectives.

Strategic Thinker - Thinks outside the box to deliver creative solutions to problems.

Dynamic - Challenges the status quo and identifies opportunities for continuous improvement.

Trustworthy - Operates with integrity at all levels of business with both clients and employees.

Leadership - Excellent mentor that inspires teamwork to meet common objectives.

Relationship building - Builds strong, lasting relationships with customers and employees.

Customer-focused - Works hard to continually evaluation and improve the customer experience.

Creative - Plans new methods of promotion for customers.

Presentation - Skilled at delivering pitches and tenders.

Areas of Expertise

With 25 years of experience promoting household brands on national and international platforms, Lesley adds breadth and depth of expertise to any marketing team. Her marketing know-how and network encompasses value proposition, customer acquisition / retention, digital / physical collateral management and PR.

As a company director she has great insight into day-to-day business operations, financial reporting, and analysis at both project and company level

Generating new business in line with a business growth plan alongside engaging and negotiation with new and existing clients

Presenting proposals and design pitches as well as delivering briefing meetings to board level

Contract and purchasing negotiations, project and account management

Mentoring, motivating and managing successful teams

Benefits & Opportunities

Adding Lesley to your team as a marketing director, project manager or interim manager in a full-time, part-time or outsourced capacity will reap tangible benefits for your organisation

Tap into a substantial network of contacts

Win more business and thrill more clients

Make strategic decisions and grow your business

Get a mentor for your team

Build new partnerships with a wider global audience

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